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Hello LHMBC family and friends,
I just wanted to share some exciting news. This past Saturday many of the ministry leaders of the church toured the recently purchased “South Campus”, to give ideas for usage for the land and building. We are so very excited and know that this land will help us continue to grow in ministry and outreach opportunities.

We look forward to ministering to you, using this new venue. We would like your thoughts on how the facilities can best be used.



  lhmbcyouthblog wrote @

We are excited about the future of the South Campus

  Regina Morris wrote @

hope we have a school

  MH wrote @

A place for the Seniors in Lincoln Heights/Woodlawn to have daily activities instead of the school in the AM

Skill trade program for the young adults on the streets, even GED program

  Adam12 wrote @

Hope we have a Fitness or Wellness Center with treadmills, exercise bikes, stair climbers, elliptical machines, weights, Zumba classes, kickboxing classes, cheer leading classes, Pilates exercise and yoga classes for seniors.

  Adam12 wrote @

Hope we have the following:
A Prayer Chapel.
A smoke-free, alcohol-free upscale banquet facility for church, community & business events.
A Christ & Quiche hour – A monthly bible study for the Lincoln Heights community.

  MWP wrote @

It’s great to see all the blog comments. Very exciting!

  Adam12 wrote @

How did the idea for the LHMBC Family Life Center come about?

  Adam12 wrote @

Great ways to show God’s love:

Food pantry
Clothing Closet
Healthy eating/weight control classes,
workshops and seminars

  Kim D. wrote @

I would love to see a Christian bookstore in the Life Center. I also hope that there will be room for an auditorium for musical and theatrical presentations.

  Adam12 wrote @

I love the idea of having a Christian bookstore @ the LHMBC Family Life Center.

Thank you for sharing.

  Adam12 wrote @

Multi-purpose room activity:
Community Church Service
Day: Saturday
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Refreshments served after service:
Beef or turkey wiener on a whole wheat bun
Sweet potato fries (baked)
Lemonade or water

Dress: casual

  Adam12 wrote @

Therapeutic support groups for the following:

HIV/AIDS Survivors
Rape/Incest Survivors
Wounded Inner Child Survivors

Church & community participants will be able to share & grow in a safe, confidental faith-based environment.

  Adam12 wrote @

oops type o
confidental should be confidential

  Adam12 wrote @

Hope we have the following:

A Memorial Garden with a Waterfall or a Gazebo

We will have the opportunity to honor family members, fellow church members and friends with an inscribed brick that will be set in the walkway surrounding the memorial garden.

The Memorial Garden will be a place of peace and remembrance, a safe and quiet place where people can come and relax, reflect and renew.

The Gazebo will be a usable space. With a few decorations, it will become a wedding gazebo for our church members & the Lincoln Heights community members wanting a small, intimate wedding ceremony during the months of June, July & August.

  JMG wrote @

JMG- So many GREAT ideas! God has blessed us! Now we must be quiet. Let him “Order our Steps”. Whichever idea God opens FIRST we will be blessed!

  Adam12 wrote @

Ways to share God’s word utilizing modern technology via Internet, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, MP3 & MP4 media players:

• Website update
• Live stream our church services, bible studies.
• Archived Church services – videos on demand
• Podcasting
• On-site enclosed area for those wanting to attend church but are unable to sit in the regular sanctuary.

We can expand our outreach efforts with an all-inclusive Webpage that will allow registered users to be a part of our live worship service, submit a prayer request, question, comment or suggestion, take sermon notes on line and have access to an electronic bible.

Registered users will be able select an archived church service to view or download at their convenience.

Gospel on the go.

  JMG wrote @

JMG – This WORKS for me! Spreading God’s word.***The ability to connect with my church family while recovering from surgery, last year, could have been so SPIRIT lifting!***
LHMBC could bless many absent members.How do we implement?

  Adam12 wrote @

• Conference with our Media Ministry Leaders.
• Fasting
• Prayer
• Research
• Successful Stewardship Campaign

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